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Makai Side: A History of Hawaiian Surfing

Hawaiian Surfing history from the beginning; Covering depictions of 18th century surfers by British artists aboard trade ships through Duke Kahanamoku, highlights of the 20s and 30s, Makaha and Hawaiian Culture in the 40s, the accomplishments by the heavies in the 50s and 60s, the innovations of the 70s, and the power surfers of the eighties.

Credits in no particular order:

Duke Kahanamoku Ambassador of Aloha

The Father Modern Surfing

Matt Warshaw The Encyclopedia of Surfing

The Associated Press

Rell Sunn Heart of The Sea, Lisa Denker, Charlotte Lagarde, New Day Films

Eddie Aikau Upon The Tides ESPN Christopher Hayzel

Commentary Randy Rarick Clyde Aikau


Bruce Brown

Bud Browne

Larry Lindberg

Eric Blum

Greg MacGillivray

Jim Freeman

Greg Knoll

Greg Huglin

Gary Capo

Spider Wills

Alan Rich

Allen Maine

Hal Jepsen

Fred Hemmings

Don King

Photographers (Those that could be identified)

Leroy Grannis

Ron Stoner

Vintage Film Clips of the Early 19th Century Pyramid Films Robert C. Bruce

Novelties Robert Ullman Jr.

Periscope Films


Jason Borte

Malcolm Gault Williams

Herman Melville


Video Editor:

Philip Scott Waikoloa

Video Consultant

Peggy Johnson

Research Philip Scott Waikoloa

Production Maui Salt and Sage Magazine in cooperation with Salty Zen Clothing

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