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Legendary King Kahekili’s Leap

Updated: Nov 9, 2022


Lele Kawa, or leaping feet first from a cliff into the water without splashing, was a sport s. enjoyed by Kahekili. Legend has it the king would climb up the rock in the early mornings and jump 200 feet into the water below. What's more challengingly is the fact that the rocks at the base of the cliff extend about 15 iv outwards and the water is only about 10-20 feet deep with a very rocky ocean floor.

Surviving every jump unscathed, Kahekili became some sort of a god in the eyes of his warriors and people. Lele kawa eventually evolved into a test of loyalty and bravery for warriors. Today, the legendary cliff is used as a venue for cliff diving competitions open to very skilled athletes. Beginners should not attempt cliff jumping here as it can be fatal to the inexperienced.

Apart from extreme cliff jumpers, the Kahekili’s Leap is also popular among hiking ll in itself, requiring a four-wheel-drive and a very skilled driver. The drive is challenging and includes navigating gulches and narrow dirt roadside along sea cliffs without guard rails. Once you reached the top, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the ocean.

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