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How to Master the Mental Game of Skateboarding

by Matt Belair

On pushing boundaries:

In terms of skating, Matt understands that there are no shortcuts. There is also no failure: failure only comes when one gives up. He acknowledges that the power of visualization is crucial to achieving anything — you have to see yourself succeed before you can actually achieve success. He understands that the power of visualization is the “secret sauce” to doing anything in this world. Visualization is understanding that one’s thoughts create reality.

On Visualization:

Matt explains that in order to overcome challenges, you have to constantly and repeatedly see yourself on the other side. The more you think about succeeding challenges, and once you conceptualize victory, you will eventually have the confidence to accurately and precisely meet your goals. For example, if you want to learn a new trick, you must first see yourself doing the trick, and imagine the satisfaction that comes with it. Eventually, the challenges will feel more real to you, and you will be able to easily overcome it.

On Fear:

Matt understands that fear is when one focuses more on the detriments than the benefits. If one envisions losing or failure, you’ll naturally gravitate towards it. This is because your perspective controls everything about our daily lives. If you envision all the positive things from an experience, you will be more willing to grow and learn. It all boils down to creating the right conditions to bring success to you.

On Fitness:

Staying fit and healthy, to Matt, is vital to both physical and mental health. Your diet is very important to how your day will progress. Proper Fitness and Health helps for days to run smoothly, and for the body to move and run efficiently. Exercise also amplifies your everyday life in ways you’d never expect.

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